Framing Light Gallery

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I believe, and you know from your own experience as a horse lover, that each horse has a unique essence of spirit-that special light from within that illuminates each horse's story. When I look through the lens at your horse, my goal is to recognize that essence, tease out of it your horse's story, then translate that narrative into graphic images. I am not just taking pictures - I am rendering graphic images that translate and preserve your horse's unique story with all its inherently beautiful emotional tones.

Technical skill with a camera can be learned by anyone who has the discipline for study. Recognizing and capturing those moments which accurately reveal your horse's unique personality and relationship to the outer world requires an authentic passion and the grace of a gift for seeing.

Whether you are interested in preserving memories of a faithful and beloved equine partner or putting together a campaign to promote your top stallion, these are stories best told in pictures. If your horse is a companion, photographic images that accurately capture your horse's spirit will forever serve as priceless reminders of the cherished time during which that special horse shared your life. Similarly, nothing can convey the power and grace of your stallion to the potential breeder more effectively than compelling images. Whatever your horse's story may be, I would love to capture it for you.

I invite you to browse through my gallery for examples of some of my favorite imagical-stories. I delight in each opportunity to marvel at the beauty, grace, and majesty of the horse-each occasion to witness magical moments, explore the mystery of the equine spirit, and translate untold stories.

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